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Domestic - Live Fish Transport

We have 15 years experience in transporting live fish around the country. Anything from a few precious koi carp or tropical fish, to tonnes of coarse fish or trout, we have the expertise and the equipment to transport any species over any distance. Our rates are very reasonable and we can even dismantle, transport and assemble complete aquariums and ponds.


We can provide temporary holding tanks with filtration if you are moving house and want to bring your cherished pond fish with you and even build a new pond at your home if you wish.
Aquarium fish are transported in oxygenated and insulated bags to ensure temperature and oxygen levels are perfect throughout the journey. Pond fish and koi are transported in aerated tanks with oxygen monitoring equipment on board. Fish are acclimatised into their new home and our staff can advise on any aspect of fish care at the destination.


We use the most appropriate vehicle for the move allowing us to make the journey as cost effective as possible and passing on this saving to you as the customer. Please contact us for a free estimate and let us take some of the stress out of moving home.



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