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Domestic - Pond Management

We can advise on the most appropriate aquatic plants to have in your pond and how to manage them to create the perfect ecological balance. Fish stocks also have to be carefully managed and cared for. This can simply involve giving some fish away to good homes should the pond become too populated. We are also able to recommend and install suitable pond filters and pumps which not only allow a well stocked pond to thrive, but also keep the water crystal clear all year round.


If you have a pond with green water as seen below, or with blanketweed, then we can usually transform the pond from an unsightly mess into an enjoyable centrepiece of the garden. We turn overgrown ponds back to their former glory.



We maintain over 100 ponds in the local area to afar a field as Chester. From as little as £25 per month we are able to visit your pond once a month and provide the following services:

  • Filter Clean and Service
  • Water Change
  • Ultra Violet Light Servicing
  • Remove waste from the bottom and surface
  • Supply and maintain aquatic plants
  • Clean ornaments
  • Fish health check
  • Supply fish, feed and treatments
  • Treat and Remove Blanketweed
  • Equipment supply and fitting

You can be assured your fish are in the best possible hands and we are always available 24hrs a day should any problems occur. Please contact us to discuss your requirement and let us take the hard work out of fishkeeping.


Our emergency call out service is available for any aquatic problems from a leaking pond to dying fish. We are able to quickly diagnose most problems and offer practical long term solutions. We have portable holding tanks with filtration to temporarily house your fish while any work is carried out.


We are equipped with a mobile fish health laboratory equipped with microscope and various treatments to diagnose and treat sick fish anywhere in the country. Water quality is the first thing we test whenever we are called out to investigate a fish health problem. Using the latest electronic meters we can analyse oxygen levels, pH, conductivity and salinity where necessary, and titration kits to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates and hardness. With this information we are able to determine whether the water quality is suitable, and if necessary advise on the necessary remedial action.


Once we have determined the primary cause of the problem we treat the fish with the necessary health treatments either in the pond or tank, or remove them and treat them in a quarantine unit. Where necessary we completely disinfect the pond or tank to ensure the parasite, virus or bacteria is completely destroyed before restocking the fish when appropriate.

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