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Domestic - Examples of Ponds we have constructed


This pond is built over pure chalk and as such has excellent drainage. The pond was excavated to a depth of 1.1 meters and then raised a further 1.1 meters to make the pond click to enlargesafe for children. The walls have been constructed from reinforced block and faced with a brick to match the surrounding walls and buildings. Edged with a buff stone, the centre of the pond has a waterfall weir giving a perfect wall of water as a feature. This waterfall is illuminated by night and acts as a focal point for the pond.


click to enlargeThe fish are a mixture of koi up to 24 inches in length long with a selection of goldfish. The pond has a marginal shelf incorporated along the sides and the back allowing marginal plants to flourish, which adds life a colour to the pond throughout the seasons. The vortex filter, ultraviolet clarifier and air pumps are cleverly concealed at the back of the pond providing perfect water quality for the koi.


click to enlargeThe filter drain is connected to the waste water drains allowing the filters to be cleaned without even getting your hands dirty! This pond has perfect conditions for the numerous koi to flourish with a depth of over 2 meters, yet compact enough to fit into a relatively small garden without dominating it.



click to enlargeThis pond is built in an area with a very high water table the water encountered 1-2 feet below the ground. This creates a big problem for pond construction so we were called in to advise the best course of action. To cut a long story short, we turned a very wet hole in the ground into the beautiful ornamental pond you see here for around £2000!


We use specialist techniques to prevent the ground water affecting the pond liner, meaning we can build a pond in almost any conditions. This pond has varying marginal shelves allowing marginal through to deep water plants to thrive. Edged with a buff stone with a natural stone waterfall, the water is filtered through a simple canister type filter which is concealed behind the waterfall and cleaned by turning a switch without getting your hands wet!


click to enlargeWe renovated an old pre-formed fibreglass pond that had collapsed, and rescued the fish that were very dear the owner’s heart! Whilst safely in quarantine tanks at our premises, we enlarged the pond and constructed it with rubber liner to give optimum planting shelves and depth, and allow us to design the pond rather than being limited to the pre-formed shapes that are available.


We built a new natural stone waterfall and edged the pond with large, flat pebbles giving a wonderful pond that the owners were delighted with! The design allowed us to plant many varied aquatic plants including pickerel, iris, sedge, marsh marigold, water hawthorn and water lily. We utilised the existing canister filter which is concealed behind the waterfall.


click to enlargeWe were asked by one of our existing customers whose pond we maintain, to renovate his waterfall which was built by contractors some time ago. Moving 200kg stones in and out of position was not an easy task, but easier than getting them down the 100 meter track to the pond in the first place! The waterfall is around 3 meters high and cascades down a meander of around 6 meters.


click to enlargePositioning the rocks in place to achieve the weirs of water over each stone is the skill behind this work. Lined with firestone rubber, it will last for many years compared to the deteriorated plastic liner we removed.








click to enlargeWe were subcontracted to install the necessary equipment to turn stagnant 8,000 gallon pond with a few koi, into a state-of-the-art koi pond. Although we did not design this pond, we designed the filtration, lined it and installed two multi chambered vortex filters together with 480 watts of Ultra violet clarifier to combat the algae the pond is relatively shallow.


click to enlarge It has a wide mouth surface skimmer to remove surface debris, two bottom drains, a bead filter to remove the finest solid particles, two air pumps, a blanket week controller and an electric fence to keep herons at bay! A lot of filtration, and since building it we have stocked the pond with some lovely koi which are thriving. The owner can sit on the decking which covers the filtration and enjoy his beautiful fish.



click to enlargeThis was an interesting job. Removing tulips and various other plants along with 20 cubic metes of soil allowed us to convert the flower beds into a long canal type pond with waterfall return specified by the client.



click to enlargeThe pond has planting shelves and filtered by two canister filters concealed away from the pond. We continued the brickwork to match the existing walls and house, and edged it with a timber effect stone. Another pond we now maintain and ensure the fish are in perfect condition.


click to enlargeThis was another interesting job.  The client requested two completely different ponds that would be linked to allow fish and invertebrates to travel freely between the two water bodies. A 2,000 gallon formal rill was constructed centrally in the garden acting mainly as a central water feature. It was formally planted with lilies and was fed with a water top up system that was sourced from the rainwater gathered from the house. A very eco friendly system indeed! The rill was linked via a 4 inch pipe buried 1 meter below the ground to an informal ornamental pond 10 meters away.


click to enlargeThis pond was around 3,000 gallons and edged with natural stone. Complete with a natural stone waterfall and adequate planting shelves, the pond water is filtered through 220 watts of Ultra violet light and two canister filters before being pumped back up to the top of the rill. Quite a complicated set up but it works! You never know what fish will be in what pond from one day to the next!




click to enlargeAs can be seen, this pond was relined and suitable filtration installed in a decked cover. The existing gravel filter was converted to a vegetable filter to remove nitrates and improve the aesthetics of the pond. The pond is now always full to the brim and CRYSTAL clear!


click to enlargeThe client is amazed by the clarity of this pond which has been helped by the addition of blue shade netting over the pergola which gives a beautiful blue tint to the water. We maintain the pond every month and all the customer does is feed and enjoy his fish.






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