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Commercial Department

This department details all our commercial services and products from aquatic consultancy to fishery management. Our work has varied from installing indoor koi ponds in offices to installing irrigation systems in underground rainwater storage tanks. We specialise in undertaking often hazardous aquatic work involved in the management and maintenance of water parks, estates, lakes and rivers around the country.


All our staff will arrive in sign written vehicles and dressed in company uniform with high visibility clothing and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment where appropriate. We also carry industrial dry suits allowing us to work in the most adverse conditions possible.


AMS are able to provide expert advice on any aspect of aquatic and fishery management that you may require. We are fully qualified to answer any question on lake and fishery construction and management as well as fish health, feeding and care. Matthew French is our consultant with a first class honours degree in aquaculture and fishery management from Sparsholt College. He is a registered member of the Institute of Fisheries Management (MIFM), as well as being a chartered environmentalist and is available to answer all your questions. All our staff are knowledgeable and friendly and are on hand to deal with your queries.


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