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Commercial - Habitat Enhancement & Restoration

Enhancement of the aquatic environment usually involves increasing the biodiversity of a water body and the surrounding catchment area. We achieve this through aquatic plant and fish control and introduction, as well as introduction of niche environments for specific flora and fauna to thrive.


This could be a pool and riffle sequence on the river or stream, through to a floating island on a still water. It is the enhancement of the environment that allows the introduction of plants and animals to be a success. There is no point in stocking thousands of salmon fry into rivers if the quality of the water is not appropriate and the river does not have the necessary variation in flow and shelter or spawning grounds.


It is by using this holistic approach to environmental management that we able to best use resources to achieve our goals. Before you intend to introduce any fish or plants into your water, ensure that the water is capable of carrying such species and numbers. Contact us and we can discuss the best way forward.  


Restoration work usually involves repairing and restoring water bodies to their original form and fixing the damage caused by erosion, eutrophication and agriculture. We regularly remove silt for water bodies which over time have built up a thick layer of sediment and eventually will become dry land. This natural process of ageing is known as eutrophication, and removing this silt is a reactive solution which is usually a costly exercise.


The most cost effective solution is prevention and this can be achieved through filtering incoming water to reduce the deposition of solids into the water and reduce the nutrient input which leads to algal blooms. Call us to discuss the most effective solution for your water.


We also carry out bank repairs to waters which have suffered erosion through wave action and cattle. Repairs are often carried out with natural products such as coir rolls which can even be impregnated with aquatic plants for the most natural. More traditional methods such as wooden sleepers give a more formal appearance and are particularly popular on estates.

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