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Commercial - Fishery & Lake Construction

AMS have helped create lakes and fisheries around the country, from small artificially lined lakes through to larger fisheries we can either advise on construction and design or carry out the works on your behalf.


 As Chartered Environmentalists we incorporate sustainable development in all our working practices, and this is best observed through the creation and management of still waters. Water bodies must often balance the needs of many user groups and maximise biodiversity, whilst allowing commercial and economic growth. This is particularly relevant with commercial fisheries and we can provide professional advice for any aspect of fishery or aquatic management.


Below is an example of a lake we have created. It is a private still water artificially lined with EPDM rubber. After just one year it has completely fused into the landscape and compliments the surrounding environment.  Please feel free to call us and we would be pleased to offer a no obligation estimate.


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