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Fishery and Lake Management

Our specialist knowledge of freshwater fishery management has been gained through over 15 years of working with riparian owners, water authorities, Environment Agency, English Nature as well as many businesses, private individuals and estates. We know exactly how to develop and manage water bodies in order to achieve the objectives of the client. We are called upon to carry out feasibility studies, consultative reports, fish population estimates and surveys, and we are able to provide professional and expert advice on any aspect of aquatic management.



Our emergency call out service is available for any aquatic problems from a sudden deoxygenation of a lake or river, to broken pumping equipment. We are able to quickly diagnose most problems and offer practical short and long term solutions. We have aeration, pumping, fish holding and removal equipment with trained staff available 24 hrs a day.


We are equipped with a mobile fish health laboratory equipped with microscope and various treatments to diagnose and treat sick fish anywhere in the country. Water quality is the first thing we test whenever we are called out to investigate a fish health problem. Using the latest electronic meters we can analyse oxygen levels, temperature, pH, conductivity and salinity where necessary, and titration kits to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates and hardness. With this information we are able to determine whether the water quality is suitable, and if necessary advise on the necessary remedial action. Once we have determined the primary cause of the problem we treat the fish with the necessary health treatments either in the clients water, or remove them and treat them in a quarantine unit. Where necessary we completely disinfect water bodies and equipment to ensure the parasite, virus or bacteria is completely destroyed before restocking the fish when appropriate.


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