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We have the pleasure in showing you some pictures of our EOLO2 & Force 7 aerators.



An EOLO2 1.2 hp aerator
with floats


A typical trout pond aerated by an EOLO2


EOLO2, and Force 7, which is marine grade brass version of  EOLO2 with some refinements, are really four machines in one since they provide very high levels of oxygenation by introducing up to 2 cubic metres of air per minute into the water using the venturi principle, as well as good circulation, de-stratification and de-gassing.

Since the motor system can be angled to point upwards or downwards and the depth varied by adjustment of the two snorkel tubes that support the motor below the float system, any one or more of these benefits can be increased so as to help the customer with his or her particular individual needs.

Both machines are portable, easy to install and are available in a choice of power factors, 0.8 hp, 1 hp, 1.2 hp and 1.5 hp, according to specific type, and a choice of 220/240v single phase or 380/415v three phase.

These two versatile aerators provide a simple, portable and low cost answer to water circulation and de-stratification problems, in both large and small ponds and lakes.
They can be used effectively to resolve many problems in general fish keeping and are good at helping control weed/algae and fighting the formation of ice in winter.


The air introduced by EOLO2 can be clearly seen above in this underwater photograph.


The depth at which both EOLO2 and Force 7 can operate can be increased by using additional support/snorkel tubes up to a maximum depth of 7 metres. Both machines have the ability to use pure oxygen gas, which is introduced directly into the venturi housing behind the propeller into a threaded opening, which is fitted with a blanking plug when delivered.


Please contact us for prices and availability.



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