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Examples of our Commercial Work

Detailed below are a few examples of the diverse range of contracts we have carried out for our commercial clients.




click to enlargeWe were employed by Taunton Angling Association to advise on and carry out a 100% fish removal from Wych Lodge Lake in Taunton.




click to enlargeThe two acre water was heavily silted and the fish were to be relocated to stock ponds prior to restoration work being carried out. We initially seine netted the water to remove the majority of the stock including several hundred pounds of carp, roach and perch.

These were then transported to holding ponds using aerated tanks. Once these were removed, we began draining the lake by cutting into the bank and gradually releasing the water downstream with nets in place to prevent fish escaping.


click to enlargeOnce the water level was down to 2-3ft we began electrofishing the stock which evaded the seine nets. Using industrial dry suits and a boat we were able to push ourselves over the several feet of silt over the lake and pick off individual fish which was both exhausting and very dirty work!


click to enlargeOnce we were satisfied that we had removed most of the fish present, we continued to drain the water down to a few inches and picked the remaining fish out of the water by hand. All fish were successfully relocated to their new temporary home whilst the restoration work was carried out.





click to enlargeWe were called upon to turn the unsightly and leaking pond seen below into a crystal clear koi pool seen next to it. This contract involved installation of a filtration system some 20 meters away from the pond to a control room. Pipes were chased through the floor leading to and from the pond. The pond was previously lined with pond paint which did not ensure a water tight lining. We relined with fibreglass to give the perfect finish and guaranteed waterproof lining.


click to enlargeWith an adequate filtration installed, the pond was then stocked with a variety of high quality koi carp which are thriving and growing well. Combined with the addition of two stainless steel water features, and surrounding lazer cut tiles and blue floor lights, this pond is now a stunning centrepiece for the clients office atrium. We maintain the pond and filtration system and all the client has to do fish is feed and enjoy the fish.



We were called upon to clean and empty a large pond on the entrance of a care home. The pond wall was moved due to building works and once we had removed all plants, fish, silt and the liner, we then had to reline the pond to the new dimensions. As the previous liner was bedded into the surrounding wall and it was not possible to remove the wall, the only option was to secure the liner using stainless steel strips and screw the liner to the wall. Once completed and filled, the fish and plants were safely returned to the pond.

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