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Commercial - Aquatic Plants

We supply the highest quality aquatic plants from our own nursery all year round.  


We have wonderful varieties of floating leaved plants which offer shade and protection including water lily in various colours, water soldier which appear to look like pineapple tops, and water hawthorn which produce white flowers.



enlarge?We supply a selection of marginal plants including bulrush, Iris, marsh marigold, pickerel weed and grasses including Phalaris and Acorus. These plants provide splashes of colour throughout the growing season and certain species will raft across the water offering shade for fish and reducing light levels. Many grasses are especially useful for removing excess nutrients from the water.


enlarge?Bog plants are ideal for planting areas where the soil remains wet but not on marginal shelves. Care must be taken to ensure these plants are not planted in areas that are likely to be submerged during the winter. Plants such as Primula, Gunnera, Arum lily, ferns and Astilbe are available in a variety of sizes.


enlarge?Submerged aquatic plants offer a medium for invertebrates to flourish and fish to shelter and spawn. Their primary benefit is their ability to grow rapidly, using nutrients that would otherwise be used by algae such as blanket weed. Species such as Canadian Pondweed, Potamogeton and Water Milfoil are always available.
All our plants are available in a variety of sizes from small 9cm plants right up to giant 3-4ft for the largest lily or marginal plant. Plants to be planted into lakes are supplied without baskets to be planted into the bank. Please contact us for availability and the best prices for all your aquatic plants.


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