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Commercial - Algae & Aquatic Weed Control

Many waters around the country suffer from the effects of excessively long hot summers and increasing water temperatures. This has the effect of producing green water and blanket weed blooms which not only ruin the aesthetics of many waters but can also cause deoxygenation and fish kills. If blue-green algae blooms appear these can be highly toxic to humans and animals and such waters require isolating and treating.


The most traditional method of green water control is the use of barley straw. Once applied to oxygen rich water its decomposition results in the production of numerous compounds including hydrogen peroxide. This effectively destroys the microscopic algal cells which cause green water. However this straw must be applied correctly in order to work and reapplied at the correct intervals as part of a long term management plan.


We specialise in using environmental and biological control methods for weed control. This can vary from introducing specific species of fish or plants in order to control the growth of invasive species of aquatic plants including Parrots Feather and Stonewort. We may also utilise mechanical removal of excessive plant growth in order to allow space for target species to flourish. Please call us to discuss your specific situation and we can produce a long term management plan in order to get the most from your water.


An alternative method is a recent development, which as barley straw is another environmentally friendly method of effective control of nuisance algae. It is known as an Ultrasonic unit and it controls algae using ultrasonic waveforms. The waves are not audible to humans and no threat to humans, fish, fowl or livestock. This uses advanced ultrasonic technology through a submerged transducer transmitting ultrasonic waveforms to specifically target the algae cell structure destroying the cells cytoplasm rendering the algae dead. It controls blue-green algae and filamentous algae (blanket weed). Please contact us for further information.


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